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The series will air flow on Move Forward Radio.

American Physical Therapy Association to host series about concussion in sports As football time of year gets under method, the American Physical Therapy Association will sponsor a string on concussion in sports called Head in the Game. The series will air flow on Move Forward Radio, a program featuring interviews with physical therapists and other health care experts, produced by, the official consumer information website of APTA . The series starts at 10 am ET on August 27 and ends with a live broadcast on August 29 at 3 pm ET. In recent years, concussion provides permeated sports activities headlines and captured the attention of concerned parents, sportsmen and themselves, and the medical community.

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And Talecris. And the even more the necessity for medicinal help is defined, the even more our businesses are providing it.’ Some of the medical and disaster alleviation organizations that PhRMA businesses are coordinating with in Haiti include the World Health Company, UNICEF and the Red Cross , along with Americares, Catholic Medical Objective Board, Direct Relief International, MAP International, Companions in Health, Project Wish, Save the small children and World Vision. PhRMA is involved in the Haitian work through the Rx Response plan also. ‘The vital role of PhRMA businesses and their workers in the global community is clearly defined by such catastrophic circumstances.. American PhRMA companies commit $25M in medicines, medical cash and supplies for Haiti relief efforts As the need for health care assistance mounts after the recent catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, America’s pharmaceutical study and biotechnology companies continue to provide help.