Paradise Community Center
Good Times.   Good Food.   Good Cause.
127 Pulpito • Zona Romantica • Puerto Vallarta • Jalisco, Mexico

Welcome to the Paradise Community Center!



The Paradise Community Center is an international, non-profit, faith-based community center located in the heart of Puerto Vallarta. The Paradise Community Center serves social, educational, cultural, not-for-profit, and other special events for the Puerto Vallarta community. Learn more... 

Why do we say: "Good times. Good food. Good cause"? Because the Paradise Community Center is a gathering place for good times. Because, in our expansive kitchen, we serve only the tastiest morsels of good food. Because we exist mainly to generate funds for a good cause: the mission of CompassioNet Impact Mexico.

 CompassioNet Impact Mexico (CNI) operates the
Paradise Community Center and serves thousands of 
guests annually.
After operating expenses, 100% of PCC profits benefit other important CNI programs.

Please help us help others and donate today! Thank you.


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