Paradise Community Center
Good Times.   Good Food.   Good Cause.
127 Pulpito • Zona Romantica • Puerto Vallarta • Jalisco, Mexico

Welcome to the Paradise Community Center!



The Paradise Community Center is an international, non-profit, faith-based community center located in the heart of Puerto Vallarta. The Paradise Community Center serves social, educational, cultural, not-for-profit, and other special events for the Puerto Vallarta community. Learn more... 

Why do we say: "Good times. Good food. Good cause"? Because the Paradise Community Center is a gathering place for good times. Because, in our expansive kitchen, we serve only the tastiest morsels of good food. Because we exist mainly to generate funds for a good cause: the mission of CompassioNet Impact Mexico.

 CompassioNet Impact Mexico (CNI) operates the
Paradise Community Center and serves thousands of 
guests annually.
After operating expenses, 100% of PCC profits benefit other important CNI programs.

Please help us help others and donate today! Thank you.


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A research-structured.

Bioniche Life Sciences revise on Stage III clinical plan for evaluating Urocidin Bioniche Existence Sciences Inc. , a research-structured, technology-driven Canadian biopharmaceutical business, today provided an upgrade on its Stage III clinical program analyzing Urocidin in the treating bladder malignancy. THE INFO Monitoring Committee kept its ninth meeting relating to this clinical trial the other day tadapox online . After its conference, the Committee has suggested that Bioniche ‘continue the trial unmodified before following scheduled or triggered October ‘ Another scheduled conference of the Committee is scheduled that occurs. Continue reading

The reduced white matter quantity may affect brain influence and connectivity cognition.

Children with new/latest onset epilepsy have slowed growth of white colored matter volume A newly published research reported that children with new/recent onset epilepsy have significantly slowed expansion of white matter volume compared to healthy children over a two calendar year interval. The reduced white matter quantity may affect brain influence and connectivity cognition. Results of this study conducted by experts from the University of Wisconsin College of Medicine and Community Health are actually available online and can appear in the July problem of Epilepsia, a journal published by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the International Group Against Epilepsy food craving . Epilepsy, a common nervous program disorder, frequently evolves in early childhood and causes recurrent seizures. Seizures can range between slight staring spells to main convulsions. Based on the Epilepsy Base there are 326,000 children under the age of 15 with epilepsy in the U.S. More than 45,000 new cases of epilepsy are diagnosed in children each full year. A research team, led by Bruce Hermann, Ph.D., investigated the neurodevelopmental changes in brain structure in children with recent-starting point or new epilepsy. Thirty-four healthy children and 38 with new/recent onset epilepsy were signed up for the analysis. The epilepsy group contained 21 children with localization-related epilepsy and 17 with idiopathic generalized epilepsy. Children in both groupings had a mean age of 12.9 years and underwent magnetic resonance imaging at baseline and 24 months later. At the two 2 yr follow-up, seizure regularity was evaluated. Through the prior year, 53 percent of children with epilepsy had been seizure free of charge; 34 percent reported only one seizure. In the rest of the children with epilepsy, 5 percent reported monthly, 5 percent weekly, and 3 percent daily seizures. Our study determined that kids with new or recent-beginning point epilepsy exhibited an altered mind development pattern characterized by delayed age-appropriate increase in white matter quantity, stated Dr. Hermann. The research team discovered that total cerebral white matter volume increased significantly in the healthful control group over the 2-year period. Experts suspect that the delayed white matter volume increase in children with epilepsy may affect cognitive advancement by reducing brain connectivity. Research in to the symmetry between patterns of cognitive change and age-appropriate brain advancement remains to be addressed in childhood epilepsy, concluded Dr. Hermann. Further exploration of how subtle neurodevelopmental alterations in brain advancement affect cognition is needed. Longer term follow-up is also had a need to determine whether this obtaining represents a temporary delay in brain development pitched against a fixed difference. . Continue reading

ChemGenex shares falter as FDA requests more data on new leukemia drug By Dr.

ChemGenex shares falter as FDA requests more data on new leukemia drug By Dr. Ananya Mandal, MD ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals Ltd remains active . Shares fell most within the last 16 years to AUD$0. In a voting program of outside advisors to the US FDA, 7-1 votes came in favor of more uniform tests of the new drug from Chemgenex known as Omapro. ChemGenex has been working with the FDA and can meet the regulator on April 9 to review its strategy for having Omapro authorized, the Geelong, Today Victoria-based firm said in a declaration. Omapro, also known as omacetaxine mepesuccinate is normally a latest development in blood malignancy chemotherapy that’s purported to be useful in patients who’ve a genetic mutation which makes them non attentive to standard drugs presently utilized like Gleevec and Tasigna. Continue reading

Changing iv catheters only once necessary could benefit millions By Liam Davenport För tidig utlösning.

Changing iv catheters only once necessary ‘could benefit millions’ By Liam Davenport, medwireNews Reporter Peripheral intravenous catheters you need to removed only when clinically indicated, than every 72 to 96 hours rather, as is recommended currently, conclude Australian experts in findings that can have dramatic price and patient benefits.’ Related StoriesGastric balloon in a pill helps patients lose pounds without medical procedures or endoscopyLiposomal sizing and the Coulter theory: an interview with Professor Melvin E. KlegermanMiriam Medical center enrolling local participants for Parachute implant medical trial to treat center failureWriting in The Lancet, the investigators state their data strongly claim that routine replacement does not prevent complications but instead causes many unneeded invasive methods För tidig utlösning . Continue reading

Capario releases Portal 3.

Capario releases Portal 3 does tadalafil make you last longer .6 revenue cycle management solution Capario, a respected provider of revenue routine management solutions that connect health care payers and providers nationwide, today announced it has launched Portal 3.6, which includes the most significant advances to its exclusive online portal program to date.6, is a major step forward. They really did their homework to deliver speed, power, and simplicity,’ said Phil Kilcoin, Chief Operating Officer for BMS Reimbursement, Inc., an associate of the Healthcare Billing and Management Association and a beta tester of the brand new portal. Continue reading

A European analysis team has discovered that obese folks have huge amounts of the molecule CXCL5.

CXCL5 molecule causes insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes in obese people Many those who are over weight or obese develop insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes during their lives. A European analysis team has discovered that obese folks have huge amounts of the molecule CXCL5, made by particular cells in fatty tissue. The main risk factors for type 2 diabetes are obesity and a sedentary way of life recommended dose . The biomedical community has known for many years that substances made by fatty tissue are responsible for the hyperlink between weight problems and diabetes. ‘Chronic irritation of the adipose tissue, which is certainly characteristic of obese people, is a crucial stage in the advancement of insulin resistence and type 2 diabetes’, Lluis Fajas, lead author of the study and a researcher at the Institute of Health insurance and Medical Study in France, informed SINC. Continue reading

BUSM professor receives Individual Biomedical Study Award Richard Goldstein.

BUSM professor receives Individual Biomedical Study Award Richard Goldstein, PhD, a professor of pediatrics, division of pediatric infectious diseases, at Boston University College of Medication , has been awarded a person Biomedical Analysis Award by The Hartwell Base and can receive $300,000 more than 3 years as a Hartwell Investigator for his project titled, ‘A Vaccine Against Streptococcus Pneumoniae Predicated on Bacterial Surface area Proteins Phylogenically Accredited as Highly Conserved.’ Goldstein can be director of the portion of molecular genetics, Maxwell Finland Laboratory for Infectious Illnesses at Boston INFIRMARY. Continue reading

Increase this the be concerned of missing or taking a dose incorrectly cialis online.

Anthem Blue Cross introduces DailyMed Pharmacy program for Medi-Cal members Imagine having to face the daily struggle of taking 6 or more different medicines a day to manage a chronic health condition; increase this the be concerned of missing or taking a dose incorrectly cialis online . For Anthem Blue Cross Medi-Cal members, that daily struggle will right now be simplified to help increase medicine adherence and reduce medication errors. This new plan, an initial in California, eliminates the guesswork when taking multiple or complex prescriptions by providing members with a 30-day way to obtain their medications, delivered to their homes, in pre-sorted packets marked with the day, date and period the medications should be taken. Continue reading

Calcium link to PHPT shown By Kirsty Oswald.

Calcium link to PHPT shown By Kirsty Oswald, medwireNews Reporter Increased calcium intake is associated with a lower risk for main hyperparathyroidism , shows study published in the BMJ. The analysis also showed that low-dosage calcium supplementation could reduce the risk, independent of dietary consumption. Paik and colleagues’ study provides evidence to aid physicians in confidently encouraging feminine patients to take calcium supplements, writes James Norman in an accompanying editorial tadalafil generique . Continue reading

By learning the familial forms of this tumor.

Alteration of a gene causes neuroblastoma Olivier Delattre’s group of the Institut Curie reveal within an content in the 16 October problem of Nature that alteration of the ALK gene is closely associated with the most frequent stable extracerebral tumor in children-neuroblastoma. By learning the familial forms of this tumor, the experts also conclude that ALK is a gene that predisposes to neuroblastoma. This discovery might allow the development of new treatments in neuroblastomas DK click here . It may also enable the identification in at-risk families of kids who carry an altered ALK gene, so that they can be offered regular checkups. Continue reading

Bourbon virus New quick killing virus pass on by ticks In the springtime of 2014.

Bourbon virus – New quick killing virus pass on by ticks In the springtime of 2014, a Bourbon County, Kansas farmer sought medical therapy. Eleven days later on, he passed away. His symptoms included fever, exhaustion, nausea, vomiting, anorexia, and a rash before the use . Blood function showed thrombocytopenia and leukopenia . The individual said he previously been bitten by ticks. The CDC decided the person suffered from a nothing you’ve seen prior encountered RNA virus of the genus Thogotovirus, infections that are located around the global globe. There is no remedy for Bourbon virus. There’s not however been another recognized case of the virus. Continue reading

Blaze Bioscience completes $8.

Blaze Bioscience completes $8.5 million Series A financing Blaze Bioscience, Inc vardenafil impact ., a biotechnology company focused on developing innovative products to boost the entire lives of cancer sufferers, today announced the completion of a string A financing totaling $8.5 million and getting the total funds elevated since inception to $9.8 million. The round grew up from individual traders, including doctors and prominent biotech executives. Most the investors involved with Blaze's seed funding circular increased their degree of participation. The financing will support the advancement of Blaze's Tumor PaintTM product applicant, BLZ-100, into clinical advancement for use in medical procedures in multiple good tumor types. Continue reading

Coconut is definitely a primary way to obtain food through the entire tropics.

Coconut Oil – Here’s what you should know about this amazing rejuvenation and healing oil Coconut oil is certainly a popular nutritional oil produced from the meat of matured coconuts . Coconut is definitely a primary way to obtain food through the entire tropics. Its various aesthetic and industrial applications possess made it a very viable commodity. Coconut oil is high temperature stable, making it suitable for cooking food at high temperatures. It really is sluggish to oxidize, resists rancidity and has a shelf life of approximately two years or more; virgin coco creme made through a wet-milling procedure comes with an indefinite shelf life. Continue reading

CDC: More teen girls using contraceptive medical journal.

CDC: More teen girls using contraceptive, abstaining More teenage girls are waiting around longer to have sex, according to a fresh report, and for those who have sex, more are employing contraception medical journal . CDC: Many teen mothers are clueless about pregnancy possibilities U.S. Teen pregnancy rates at an all-time low across all ethnicities A fresh survey of 2,300 teen girls age groups 15 to 19 that’s released in the CDC’s journal Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Record found 57% of them never had sex. That’s up from a 49 % price in 1995. The survey also discovered 60 % of teen girls who’ve sex use the most effective kinds of contraception, up from the mid-90s also, when less than half were using the best. Continue reading

Get shed hair back on hairless area of the scalp.

Candidate for PLASTIC SURGERY Cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery is fast learning to be a way to obtain self improvement where you can switch shape of different parts of the body, get shed hair back on hairless area of the scalp, reduce waistline, etc . However, if you consider going through a plastic surgery procedure, wait, you might or might not be fit for the surgery. Not everyone who wants to have cosmetic surgery performed could end up being an ideal candidate for plastic surgery or for cosmetic surgery. Certain criteria have to be met to declare you match for the surgery. Like any other medical procedures, candidacy for cosmetic surgery has its criteria. A true number of factors have to be considered before performing cosmetic surgery on a person. No surgeon would merely perform the medical procedures without ensuring certain details first. If the medical procedures is performed on unfit applicants for plastic surgery, the total results is seen in elevated risks of post surgical treatment complications. No qualified surgeon will probably take any risk in this regards. The best candidates for plastic surgery are those who meet certain preconditions. The individual should have a solid or normal disease fighting capability. Any health matters that affect on your body’s immunity and make it fragile are the hindrance in undergoing cosmetic surgery. For example, diabetes and such various other diseases weakens body’s disease fighting capability and such people aren’t normally considered fit for the surgery. Put simply, you should be enjoying a good health before you are considered fit for a aesthetic surgical procedure. Candidates for cosmetic surgery should be on a healthy dietary habit. Those who are on harmful diet or those that neglect their diet aren’t considered good applicants for the medical procedures. Since diet plays a significant role in proper recovery following the surgery, you ought to be consuming a healthy diet to be considered fit for the surgery. Candidates for plastic surgery should be doing regular physical exercise to keep carefully the physical body fit. Those who exercise are very much encouraged to undergo such a medical procedures regularly. Exercise keeps the muscle groups, skin, internal organs, essential systems of the physical body, etc, fit and healthy, with increase immunity to fight illnesses. Such a well-toned body is a lot respected for a medical procedure. When cosmetic medical procedures is done on a sound body, not merely the recovery time shall be less, but also the outcomes of medical procedures will be much encouraging. Unfortunate for most, candidates for plastic surgery must not be smokers. Especially, heavy smokers aren’t taken as candidates for cosmetic surgery. Since cigarette smoking negatively affects body’s immune system, you can get many problems if any surgery is conducted limited to cosmetic reasons. However, whenever a serious condition demands, things can be achieved in virtually any highly unfavorable conditions even, but not something like a cosmetic surgery. People are advised to give up smoking long before the surgery. It is also needed for the candidacy for cosmetic surgery never to be on medications. Certain medications usually do not match such surgical procedures. The doctor shall take your full medical history to evaluate your fitness for the medical procedures. Finally, another essential thing is taken as among the important rules for the fitness is the requirement to have realistic expectation from a surgical procedure. This is a most neglected aspect that’s also as important as the other elements to determine a candidate’s suitability for a cosmetic surgical procedure. Following the surgery, some individuals think that they don’t have the results they had expected from a surgery. This is often a source of embarrassment for both individual and the treating cosmetic surgeon. You should, as a result, have a clear idea as what to expect from the surgery. Continue reading