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At least we’ve a hint of where we ought to be looking now. ‘In addition, a few second generation reprogramming technique, so called transgene-free of charge or virus-free methods, were reported in Character and Science recently,’ Zhang stated. ‘We are along the way of tests whether these new strategies can relieve the artifact we noticed.’.. Breakthrough way for sequencing-based methylation profiling Bioengineers at UC NORTH PARK are suffering from a breakthrough way for sequencing-based methylation profiling, that could help gas personalized regenerative medication and even result in better and cost-effective options for studying certain illnesses. To get this done, the experts, led by Kun Zhang, a bioengineering professor in the UC NORTH PARK Jacobs College of Engineering, developed a precise assays for quantifying DNA methylation digitally on an arbitrary group of nonrepetitive genomic targets using padlock probes.