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Human brain tumor causes girls uncontrollable laughter They say laughter may be the best medicine.

The doctors who treated the lady said their survey of her case could increase awareness of the unusual condition, therefore doctors in Latin America can diagnose the real reason behind some children’s ‘behavioral’ complications, and refer them to a neurologist. The case statement was published June 16 in the journal ecancermedicalscience. Follow Tanya Lewis about Google+ and Twitter. Adhere to us @livescience, Facebook & Google+. Initial article on Live Research. 7 Weirdest Medical ConditionsThe 9 Many Bizarre Medical Circumstances7 Embarrassing Health ProblemsCopyright 2014 LiveScience, a TechMediaNetwork business.Seriously. As the AP tale reports: The health specialists who wrote the parts mentioning Coke the stand by position their suggestions. Robyn Flipse, the dietitian who wrote the sponsored content for Coke, said she’d suggest mini-cans of Coke actually if she wasn’t becoming paid. ROFL. Coca-Cola admits running a network of paid corporate propagandistsCoca-Cola’s payola scheme is definitely far bigger than simply a few sellout bloggers and authors who plug Coke for the money.