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Cognitive rest can benefit patients identified as having concussion Limiting texting.

Cognitive rest can benefit patients identified as having concussion Limiting texting, homework, on-line activity may help hasten recovery meant for teen athletes A report of 335 teen sports athletes diagnosed with concussion suggests that patients who adhere to cognitive rest limits may recover faster than those who take part in improved cognitive activity, such as texting, reading and playing video games. The prospective cohort study, conducted at Boston Kids's Medical center and published Jan . 6 in Pediatrics, provides critical data to support physicians' standard post-concussion assistance for restricted cognitive activity.

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These symptoms, that may include fatigue also, tingling and numbness, are also known as useful or psychogenic symptoms. ‘People who have these symptoms make up one-third of all clinic visits, but the outcomes are poor,’ said study writer Michael Sharpe, MD, of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Previous studies have shown that intense cognitive behavioral therapy can decrease the symptoms, distress and disability in people with these symptoms, but there are obstacles to providing this therapy. Many people usually do not feel psychological treatment is suitable and withstand referrals to mental health services, and therapists been trained in cognitive behavioral therapy are not obtainable in all grouped communities.