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Chinas new bird flu vaccine all set Based on the state media.

China’s new bird flu vaccine all set Based on the state media, China is about to begin mass-production of a fresh bird flu vaccine meant for poultry by the end of the month mainly older people . Apparently the country’s scientists have already been working on the new vaccine for four years and Beijing says it is aiming to inoculate all the country’s approximated 14bn poultry and produce one billion dosages of a new bird flu vaccine for animals. It appears the vaccine will cost a fifth of current treatments, and there are hopes it could also help supply the basis for human being protection against the deadly H5N1 strain of flu.

There’s too little positive economic information to motivate customers,’ stated David Kelly, chief global strategist at JPMorgan Money. He noted ‘there is nothing particularly harmful in the U.S. Financial outlook.'[1] Despite Kelly’s optimism, the DOW today is down almost 360 points.[2] Markets worldwide are dropping. It’s challenging to tell what will happen next as essential oil prices plunge, and the DOW appears to be going down by when. As Organic News’s Mike Adams reported, the devaluation of the yuan was a critical, strategic move to place the U.S., in their debt-ridden state, within an incredibly vulnerable placement: The latest 1.9 percent devaluation of the Yuan was merely a small tactical move around in a much larger battle.