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At Southampton General Hospital in June 2000 after suffering from toxic shock syndrome.

Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust was billed under health and safety legislation following a death of 31 yr old Sean Phillips, at Southampton General Hospital in June 2000 after suffering from toxic shock syndrome. On June 23 2000 to correct torn knee ligaments Mr Phillips was admitted to Southampton General Hospital . The operation proceeded to go well and he was expected to leave the next day, but an infection set in which Mr Phillips was unable to cope with and toxins started to build up in his body in a uncommon reaction.


Asthma affects more than 2 million people in Canada currently.. Bronchial thermoplasty study A fresh report published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine demonstrates patients treated with bronchial thermoplasty, the first non-drug treatment for asthma, demonstrated an overall improvement in asthma control. Co-Principal Investigators, Dr. Gerard Cox, respirologist at St. Joseph’s Health care Hamilton’s Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health, and Professor at McMaster University, and Dr. John Miller, Division Mind of Thoracic Medical procedures at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and McMaster University authored the analysis. The scholarly study revealed improved asthma control at one year following the bronchial thermoplasty procedure. The publication entitled, ‘Asthma Control through the Yr after Bronchial Thermoplasty’, demonstrated that sufferers treated with bronchial thermoplasty, in comparison to another group that didn’t receive the procedure, showed significant positive changes such as: decreases in asthma episodes, increases in days with no asthma symptoms, improvement in standard of living, reduction in using medicine, and an improvement in asthma control.